2018 FIFA World Cup: Retailers in Argentina launch promotions to boost TV sales

Big retail chains in Argentina began launching promotions for TV sets, a few months before the start of the FIFA World Cup in June. With the momentum generated by the arrival of the main soccer event, sales are expected to grow by 15%.
According to El Cronista newspaper, the most aggressive promotions will be launched in April and May. However, the chains started offering promotions of up to 25% discount. In this context, an increase in sales of larger TV screens and 4K technology is expected.
Alejandro Taszma, Commercial Director of Frávega; Ximena de Sousa, Commercial Manager of Garbarino and Dan Attie, Commercial Director of Ribeiro, told El Cronista that they plan to sell at least 50% more of 4K LED TVs this year. In this way, these type of TV sets will capture 30% of all total sales. According to data from GfK, last year, around 250,000 4K TVs were sold. Thus, this year the expectation is to exceed 375,000 units.
In turn, sales will be concentrated in the first half of 2018. If the retail chains usually sell 55% of total TVs in that period, this year that number would rise to 65% or even 70%, said the representatives of the chains.
The three executives also agreed that it is expected that TVs over 46″ will capture 40% of the market this year, compared to 14% registered last year.
With the promotions recently launched by the retailers, TVLEDs 4K of 49″ and 55″ can be purchased from AR$ 15,000 (USD 745) and AR$ 20,000 (USD 993), respectively.