17.4 million Pay-TV subscribers in Mexico to 3Q 2015 were registered by the IFT

According to the Third Quarterly Statistical Report 2015, conducted by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico, 17.4 million Pay-TV subscribers were registered, which accounts for more than 437,000 new additions and 11% growth compared to 3Q 2014. In addition, the service reached penetration in 53% of the country’s households, an annual increase of 6%.

Wireless television (DTH, IPTV and microwave) accounted for 57.2% of the market while Cable TV took 42.8%. As for operators, Grupo Televisa was largely dominant with a 60.6% market share, distributed in its different brands: Sky (joint venture with AT&T) 38.2%, Cablemas 7.4%, Cablevision 5.4%, Cablecom 4.5%, TVI 2.7% and Cablevision Red 2.7%. On the other hand, Dish-MVS had 16.2%, Megacable 15.1%, and other smaller operators 7.8% of the market share.

On the other hand, annual inflation in the Pay-TV field was of 0.6% (in local currency), second only to Internet services (1%). The average index of total revenues had a growth rate of 21.9% in the Pay-TV channels’ programming production subsector.

The telecommunications and broadcasting sectors contributed to 3.2% of Mexico’s GDP by generating a record maximum of USD 23.9 million, ranking tenth nationwide according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This corresponds to an average annual growth of 6.9% over the past five years.