Abu Dhabi Media launches Majid TV channel

Abu Dhabi Media will launch the Majid channel 25 September, 2015, covering the traditions, values and culture of the UAE.  “Majid channel is set to be the ideal media platform for entertaining, informative content that caters to young audiences,” said Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, Chairman and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Media.

He said Arabic-language television for children made up less than 35% of the total number of children’s shows aired in the UAE, with 88% produced outside the Arab world, so Majid has produced more than 150 hours of content, including 70 hours of animated content, to provide local educational and entertainment shows.

Programmes are designed to maintain a balance between modern content and accessibility for today’s youth, while reflecting the heritage and culture of the UAE and the region. Al Mahmood said the introduction of Majid comes from the company’s vision to adapt to the growing interest of digital age among youngsters through a broadcast channel and website.