Zuku boosts its internet speed for a greater user base


Zuku Fiber, a member of the Wananchi Group, has revealed about its boost in internet speed which is now at 250Mbps.

The internet package is dubbed Home Advanced 250Mbps and is designed to cater for the evolving needs of customers for the streaming of short videos, movies, real-time gaming and live video chats.

With the offering of these services, a higher bandwidth is required alongside a low latency Internet service. A year ago, to recall, Zuku Fiber declared the investment of 2.6 billion KES (25.3 million USD) for the upgrading of its Customer Access Network which include 250Mbps Internet speed, premium TV content through Zuku TV, a free cable modem for Internet service, a free TV set-top box, among others.

Thomas Hintze, the CEO of Zuku Fibre, said that: “It is notable that other leading home Internet providers in the world are also upgrading their speeds due to changes in consumer patterns towards the consumption of fresher streaming content and an exponentially increasing demand for video on demand services”.

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