Zodiak Kids Zach and Quack in the Middle East

Zodiak Kids, the global distributor of kids’ entertainment from Banijay Group company, has recently announced the introduction of ‘Zach & Quack’ in the Middle East region, alongside the Latin American regions.

The second season of the children’s television series has been launched shortly and has already been sold to Israeli TV.

‘Zack & Quack’ is an Israeli-British-South Korean animated preschool series airing worldwide on Nickelodeon Junior.  It consists of 26 episodes lasting for 11 minutes each. It follows the adventures of a boy named Zack, aged seven years of age who lives inside a pop-up book full of surprises. There is also his best friend, an impulsive young duck named Quack, who, together with Zach go through all kinds of adventures to new worlds.

The series is created by Gili Doblev and Yvette Kaplan and is produced by creators QQD Ltd in partnership with U.K. producers Belly Up Productions (UK), Candy Bear Studios (Israel) and Infinite Frameworks (Singapore).

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