Zimbabwe far from the completion of DTT process

International Telecommunications Union declared that Zimbabwe is still far away from digital migration. The transition was supposed to be over by June 2015 to ensure international standard for broadcasting.

It has been estimated that the country would need US$ 125 million to complete this project.

John Masuku, veteran broadcaster indicated that the country is still far from the migration and declared: “There must have been flaws in awarding tenders to inexperienced companies or opportunists and this renders most of them very dangerous Zimbabweans who live outside urban areas are missing a lot with regards to local news and content and may lag behind regarding current issues.”

In his comments, the  Head of the Media Institute for Southern Africa Rashweat Mukundu declared: “Digitisation is a costly exercise that needs total government support, yet the government is seriously constrained in terms of resources. The matter has equally not found public support because the process and intended outcomes are somewhat secretive. The secrecy can equally be taken advantage of by treasury to defer financial support as is the case.”