Zenga TV crossed over 40 million users

In an exclusive interview with NexTV News India, Shabir Momin, MD and CTO at ZengaTV.com revealed that Zenga TV have crossed over 40 million users and that 50-60% of the users come from India and Indian subcontinent. He further added that OneAxcess platform will revolutionize digital video industry.

    • Q. Can you give us a broad overview of Zenga TV operation in India? No of subscribers?
    • A. We are a global service, while we have 50-60% of our users coming from India or Indian subcontinent. We have crossed over 40 million users now.

    • Q. What is your revenue model and marketing strategy?
    • A. We have been making our revenue primarily from global advertisements on the videos our users view. Our biggest growth has happened by word of mouth and also the most sustained growth, while we don’t spend on marketing so far, we have focused in giving our users better service, which in turn becomes our biggest reason for our existing users getting us more users.

    • Q. What are the different kinds of services that you have lined up?
    • A. ZengaTV has evolved many folds since its birth, we started off as a mobile TV company and now we are omni present across all digital screen be it Mobile or TV. We have also been improving our other internal algorithms which help users better discover the content.

    • Q. Zenga TV has joined a new product called OneAxcess, can you explain to our readers the features of this new feature and how it will help to monetize the content ecosystem?
    • A. ZengaTV like Youtube and Facebook is now part of OneAxcess a platform which helps content creators – create, manage, distribute and monetize their content across different platforms very easily without any tech knowledge. It’s an amazing service for people who want to keep cost low or as good as zero to be able to produce content and become popular across all channels of digital medium. User who are just starting up or even pros can use this platform to be able to reduce 80% of their pain and also get direct access to the global distribution in just few clicks of buttons.

    • Q. The OTT industry is booming up in India, how is Zenga TV taking advantage of this new development (e.g. connectivity and piracy)?
    • A. The users are growing, the revenues are growing, Evolved brands are now asking for bulk deals and sponsorship blocks verses the typical CPM or CPL kind of model which was going on earlier.

    • Q. What should we expect from Zenga TV in the near future? Any expansion plan?
    • A. We are growing and ever expanding, our traffic in USA has doubled recently, loads of new content are pouring in every day. There will be continued expansion in geography and content.