Zambia acquires 500000 for DTT

Zambia has broken a record in Africa by being the first country to successfully get hold of 500 000 decoders for the digital migration process. According to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Kampanba Mulenga, said that 50000 decoders were sold in one day through the Yafika campaign.

Mulenga briefed SADC’s delegates on communication and ICT hosted recently in Durban, South Africa. The Minister said these achievements show that Zambia is ready for the Digital Switch Over (DSO). She added that the southern African country had made good progress in this regard and was right on the schedule as the first phase has already been completed. The initial switch over is planned for next month.

“The achievement has also shown how ready and eager Zambians are to migrate to digital television,” Mulenga added. The Zambian government has reduced the price of decoders through the public signal distributor, TopStar Communications, to ensure that all households own a decoder kit in time for the DSO.

TopStar CEO Leo Liao confirmed the record sales of decoders in a single day. “Zambia has beaten an Africa record by seeing such a great demand for decoders.”