Yahlive and North Telecom joint venture to broadcast PMC Music channel

Yahlive and North Telecom from the United Arabs Emirates announced the exclusive broadcasting of PMC music channel, the FTA channel targeting Farsi, Afghan and Kurdish population in South West Asia as well as in the Middle East.

Yahlive already have popular Farsi content in its offering such as BBC Persian or GEM TV and other 125 channels of which 102 are exclusive to the network.

PMC’s CEO Mehrdad Esmaeel commented “We work closely with Yahlive to serve the Farsi-speaking community and provide truly differentiated and compelling viewing content. As well as offering technical excellence and uninterrupted service, this is an area in which Yahlive has proven to be especially effective and highly successful.”

Yahlive is the market leader in terms of Farsi-speaking audience through its FTA channels and contents. In his comments, Ammar Baranbo, COO of Yahlive declared: “We are delighted that North Telecom has chosen to broadcast PMC Music exclusively on Yahlive”.

“We enjoy an impressive retention rate of 88% across Farsi-speaking communities, which are found in multiple markets including Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and the UAE. This figure is the highest in the industry, and is directly linked to our efforts to deliver premium content that people enjoy viewing regularly. The reliability of our broadcast also works in our favour as does our customer focus,” he added.