Wiltel moves forward with FTTH deployment, plans to add more OTT services to its offer


Telecommunications company Wiltel, which operates in the province of Santa Fe, in Argentina, plans to complete this year its FTTH deployment in Rafaela city, one of the most important in that area, and then expand the network to other coverage areas to start offering triple play, said Carlos Wilson, CEO of the company, in an interview with NexTV News Latam.
The executive will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, the conference organized by Dataxis, to be held on May 16 and 17 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires. There, he will analyze how pay TV via OTT will change the market.
Wiltel was born as a fixed telephone and broadband operator, and in 2015, it launched its IPTV service. Currently its coverage area includes cities with less than 150,000 inhabitants. Once the deployment of fiber in Rafaela is completed, the company plans to reach 25,000 homes passed and some 6,000 homes connected.
Wiltel’s video offer not only includes the linear programming, with more than 180 channels, but also the Play Me streaming platform, “a place where the client can watch all the contents of other OTT platforms”, explained the executive. Play Me is available through its website and the mobile app for Android. However, the company plans to integrate the service into the TV offer “and also add other OTT services, simplifying and expanding the experience”.
Wilson stressed that the work of the company is that the customer can consume “everything that is available on the network in a simple way and easy to contract.” In this context, the executive said they are interested in adding Netflix to the offer although he acknowledged that “OTT services are not much willing to this”. “The payment method, the automatic debits, are not pleasant for customers,” he continued, this would be “a way out of automatic debits, we have a face-to-face relationship with our customers.”
“We are at a turning point in the industry” –he said- “everyone knows that this is going to change but nobody knows what is going to be the place they will take. Those who are well-positioned are not very active to move because they have that make decisions that can be transcendent. We are more flexible because we are smaller. As an industry, we have to work for clients, so they have a different experience and are willing to pay for all this technology that we have available.”
Regarding the pay TV market, Wilson said that in 70% of its coverage area, they compete with Cablevisión-Telecom. “From the first day we are a company in competition, we never had a captive market, all our customers were once customers of the competition; we were born to compete. This opening (of the market) generates more opportunities. Today the doors are open and I think it’s good, I think what is missing is competence, quality of service, think a little more about customers.”
Wilson added that the vision of the company “is to have high technology and to know what customers want to use or are using, and work to improve the user experience of these new technologies”.