Walt Disney India to continue local production and rethinks its strategy

The Walt Disney company announced via Andy Bird the company’s chairman that the American entertainment giant will not abandon the local productions in India. This question is due to the recent pull out of Disney from the Bollywood film production.

Andy Bird declared on the subject: “It was widely publicised that we decided to pull out of making movies for the local market. That was misinterpreted that we were getting out of making local content. It’s far from it.”

The company seem to operate a change of strategy due to the growing popularity of Hollywood movie such as “Jungle Book” which made over US $ 15.600.000 in India. Disney will seize other opportunity such as using Internet to test run their show and then only put it on TV.

Andy Bird declared: “In two to three years Disney will be a digitally focused, mobile-first, multi-faceted company”.  Asia is still representing one of the fastest growth on the market and the firm will not give up the golden goose.