Vimeo adds support for 360-degree videos

Vimeo has added support for 360-degree videos. Users can watch the videos in Vimeo mobile apps, including iOS and Android powered devices, that can be used with compatible VR headsets.

Vimeo seeks to differentiate itself from competitors by offering creators the ability to sell their content direct to audiences worldwide through the T-VOD platform Vimeo On Demand. Available to Vimeo PRO and Business members, 360 creators can choose rent, buy or subscription options, set their price and distribution region, and take home 90% of the revenue after transaction costs.

Creators can also upload 360 videos in up to 8K. Mobile videos in HD can be saved for offline viewing.  For this new feature, Vimeo launched a dedicated channel with a curated collection of 360 videos from its community of creators.

“Vimeo has always been committed to preserving and delivering the highest quality video and our move into 360 expands our premium video technology solution to 360 filmmakers. Their stories now benefit from our advanced video compression and player customization tools, along with streaming and offline viewing in up to 4K”, said in a statement, Sara Poorsattar, Vimeo’s Director of Product Video.

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