Veqta partners with IMMAF to offer fight sports

Martial arts’ enthusiasts in India will be thrilled. Veqta, the pure sports OTT in India, is collaborating with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) and BAMMA to offer mixed martial action to sports’ aficionados in India. The news has been unveiled lately by Veqta.


It was noticed that MMA content of high quality has not been easily available despite the increasing popularity of the sport. Hence, Veqta decided to sealed two deals; with IMMAF and the BAMMA, the first one being an independent hub for national MMA federations supporting the expansion of regulation and sport safety across the globe, and the second one being a mixed martial arts promotion based in United Kingdom. Full coverage of the most recent fights and behind-the-scenes action from the IMMAF and the BAMMA will be available.


Varun Mathur, the co-founder and director of Veqta, stipulated: “The high-paced action of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has made it one of the most engaging and popular fight sports in India and our partnerships with IMMAF and BAMMA are another step towards offering world class-content to these fans in the country. We are committed to building a strong fight sports portfolio led by MMA action that will be witnessed here for the first time. Veqta aims to become the destination of choice for fans in India by providing a holistic digital viewing experience across a variety of sports”.


On the other hand, Kerrith Brown, the president of IMMAF commented about the link-up: “We are excited to commence this partnership with Veqta, which will see IMMAF athletes gain exposure across India. With its population of 1.2+ billion and sports spectatorship booming, India is a much-coveted market for sports brands and we feel privileged to be enabled to reach MMA fans in the region. India is also home to one of IMMAF’s strongest national federations, the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA), which has presence across more than 20 states within the country. We are pleased to announce that Team India’s supporters and sports fans back home can now catch up on their amateur MMA team’s achievements at IMMAF championships events in 2016 and beyond”.