VEQTA collaborates with Ping Digital Network to boost sports content


VEQTA, India’s pure sports OTT network, is collaborating with Ping Digital Network, a multi-channel network (MCN), to boost its sports contents even more. It is a first time partnership between VEQTA and Ping Digital Network, where the former’s audience could skyrocket over 80 million whilst the latter will be able to transmit its assortment of sports content around the globe through VEQTA’s sports channels.

VEQTA, operating alongside Ping Digital Network, they will together produce neoteric studio sports content for their subscribers. Shortly, a multi-sport channel and a mixed martial arts channel will be available on Ping Network and the number of channels covering sports like football, cricket, tennis, action sport, golf, motorsports and Olympic sports among others, will be progressively broadened.

“We are excited to take a leap into curated sports content through our partnership with VEQTA. Sports videos attract some of the biggest following on Youtube and what’s even more interesting is the kind of content – the sports enthusiasts love to see content beyond just the game – the younger audience wants to know everything about their sporting heroes and the game from fails, to behind-the-scenes videos, trick shots, training and even the sport itself”, said Rajeshree Naik, the co-founder of PING Network.

On the other hand, Varun Mathur, Co-founder and Director of VEQTA commented: “We are delighted to be joining hands with Ping Network to take our fantastic range of sports content to an even larger audience. Through this partnership, VEQTA will offer hundreds of hours of world class sports content from the biggest names in the business. We are committed to making VEQTA synonymous with sport and delivering the most engaging and powerful media experience for sports fans.”

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