Veoflix plans to expand in Latin America

Uruguay’s streaming service Veoflix plans to expand its service in other countries. It is currently available in Uruguay in partnership with the telecommunications company Antel. Veoflix’ catalog mostly includes Argentine independent films.

“We are planning to launch outside the country,” Veoflix director Ricardo Nugué said in an interview during the conference NexTV Series South America. The executive said that for the moment “the technical conditions are not ready” in particular those involving the payment platform. “I estimate that soon we will have it solved and we can take the step to go outside the country.”

In addition to Argentine cinema, Veoflix is producing filmed theater to offer the content within a “Premium experience”, with an exhibition window. However, Nugué clarified that it is not a transactional model because “it is not in the plans to enter that market”.

The executive said that Veoflix currently has 10,000 visits and it is working to transform them into paid active subscriptions. “Our goal is to reach 5,000 subscriptions by the end of the year in Uruguay.”