Uruguay’s POPTV still interested in DTT

Uruguayan channel POPTV is still interested in operating on the DTT platform, said the company’s director, Pablo Arriola. In 2013, POPTV had received a license to operate a DTT channel, but the Uruguayan government reversed its decision and awarded it to the Giro consortium.

Recently, the government agreed with the company Saomil SA (VTV) the early termination of its DTT service. The same had happened in February with Giro, according to El Espectador.

In this context, Arriola acknowledged that, if the conditions were met, they would be part of a possible new tender. ” We are still interested because we understand that it would facilitate a number of processes related with the access to the advertising market,” he said. “We produce a 100% of our programming and we hope to have a variety of shows and achieve different options to reach different types of audiences,” the executive added.

Currently, POPTV is available on the internet through its website, and also on the VeraTV (Antel) platform and as a linear channel on more than 70 cable operators, thanks to an agreement with the Uruguayan Chamber of Television for Subscribers (CUTA).