Uruguayan stores won’t pay for the rights of what they display on their TVs

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay ruled in favor of the Center for Retail Stores, Bars, Self-Service Stores and Related Industries (Cambadu, by its initials in Spanish) and determined that these businesses shouldn’t pay for the rights of the contents displayed on their TVs.
This issue came up from a presentation of the Entity of Rights Management for Audiovisual Producers (Egeda, by its initials in Spanish) that proposed that commercial stores, mainly bars and restaurants, obtain an enabling license in order to offer TV contents to their clients.
Cambadu had explained stores already pay a monthly fee to pay TV providers. However, Egeda argued that the contract with the operators is intended for a domestic use of the service.
The Ministry’s ruling explained that “the broadcasting rights covered by Egeda in the reciprocity agreement with Egeda Spain are those carried out simultaneously, intact and unaltered, so it does not include the deferred works nor those of the grid of the channels, as those rights were previously negotiated “.