Unicanal agrees to buy Canal 13 in Paraguay

Grupo JBB, owner of the pay TV channel Unicanal, signed an agreement with Teledifusora Paraguaya to buy the license of the national TV broadcaster Canal 13 (RPC).

The agreement to purchase the channel located in the city of Lambaré was confirmed by Javier Bernardes, owner of Grupo JBB, and Christian Chena, owner of Teledifusora Paraguaya S.A on Twitter.

“Unicanal SA and Teledifusora Paraguaya have reached an agreement of Transfer of Commercial Funds of certain assets affected to the license of the TV service of RPC (Red Paraguaya de Comunicación) – Canal 13, subject to previous approval of Conatel” , says the post. The operation includes the equipment, the license and the property where Canal 13 operates.

Conatel’s president, Teresita Palacios, said that the control process for the transfer will be ready in about 30 days, according to newspaper La Nación. Once this process is completed, the board of the Paraguayan regulator will analyze the operation, which will approve in case everything is in order.

JBB Group is composed by media, entertainment, distribution and real estate and construction companies.