UHD raises the bar for pay TV security

Verimatrix highlighted the importance of watermarking technology in the protection of UHD content. “Ever since MovieLabs advanced the use of forensic watermarking as a part of the protection regime for UHD content services, it has been clear to industry watchers and analysts that the idea would over time gain universal support across the industry”, Steve Christian, SVP of Marketing at Verimatrix, said to NexTV News Latam.

According to the executive, “Watermarking will play a pivotal role in protecting many types of premium content – including live sports, as well as movies and TV shows – because it is the best suited technology capable of tracing illicit streams back to their original legal recipient”.

The marks can be inserted at the server level into individual streams, or potentially within the network as well as by devices themselves, enabling streams to be traced back to various points in their distribution or lifecycle, including the origin server, CDN, access path, device types and the user. This enables service providers to take appropriate action in near real time before any significant business damage can occur.

This leads to an important point about forensic watermarking. To provide effective protection for UHD content and premium OTT services, watermarking requires full integration with other key security components that include a means to detect potentially illegal content and mechanisms to shut down confirmed sources of such content, Christian said.

“Verimatrix has been offering our VideoMark watermarking technology for more than 10 years, so we have had plenty of time to perform the necessary integration, which sometimes requires working with appropriate partners. It will take time for new converts to watermarking to catch up with the integration and enable equally comprehensive protection of UHD and premium OTT content”, the executive added.