Uganda questions ‘evaluation’ of USD 2.7 million DTT deal

Uganda’s Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) has claimed that a USD 2.7 million contract awarded to Harris Corporation USA for the implementation of a digital migration program for the greater Kampala area was not evaluated in accordance with the requirements of the original bid document.

The PPDA claims that Harris was non-compliant in some technical specifications and offered High Voltage Alternating Current (HV AC) unit of 17,060 BTU/Hr (British thermal unit per Hour) instead of the specified 60,000 BTU/Hr.

Although Harris clarified that the proposed HV AC units were sufficient, the PPDA has recommended the need for the contracts committee to re-appoint an evaluation committee to re-evaluate all submitted bids and ensure that the technical requirements of the bid document were complied with by all bidders.