The Uganda Communications Commission prioritise local content in Uganda

Strict guidelines have been issued by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to all the broadcasters comprising of both radio and television. Local content from Uganda should now be a priority.

Prime time programming should consist of 70% Ugandan content alongside the other quotas for distinguished programmes. To recall, the move was introduced earlier, in 2013, but compliance to the guidelines by the broadcasters was low. As a result, foreign content was more popular. Although the order has been issued again, non-compliance will not lead to any penalty fee.

According to the UCC: “Local content will promote national culture & diversity, enhance employment capacity, identity of nationals & develop our local film industry. Given the cultural and linguistic diversity of Uganda, it’s important that broadcasting stations in the country emphasise content relevant to the local audience and produced under Uganda’s creative control”.

The 70% Ugandan content will include 50% of drama, comedy and reality show programs while 10% will be reserved for local documentary, 5% will be focused on sports and the other 5% will comprise the children’s programs.