Twitter looking for content partnership in the Middle East

Twitter the American social network service express its intention to tie partnership with the middle East in order to offer more live video. Twitter has already announced 12 streaming content like Bloomberg news and PGA tour.

Peter Greenberger Twitter’s global news director declared: “We’re looking for events that will be valuable and popular within the local market. A lot of it is about getting the rights to it working with the right partner, making sure we can make a unique viewing experience,”

The live streamed video of Emaar firework in Dubai already generated 3.7 million views in the world while the hashtag #MyDubaiNewYear generated 48 million impressions.

Last year the company signed a contract with the NFL of US$ 10 million for the live diffusion right of the games. But with competitor as rich as Amazon the battle was lost and the contract went to the delivery service which out bid the blue bird with a US$ 50 million investment