TV Azteca sales up 8% in Q318

TV Azteca reported net sales of MX$ 3.5 billion (USD 182.6 million) in third quarter, up 8% compared to the same period last year. The company reported EBITDA of MX$ 949 million (USD 48.9 million), which represented a growth of 4% compared to Q317.
In its Q3 report, TV Azteca CEO Benjamín Salinas highlighted the expansion of contents “with an emphasis on live entertainment programs”. The executive added, “our superior content captivated millions of viewers and effectively reached target markets of numerous advertisers, which translated into revenue and EBITDA growth for the quarter.”
Domestic advertising sales grew 7% to MX$ 3.3 billion (USD 172.9 million), “as a result of superior content, which monetized large audiences”, said the company.
Additionally, content sales to other countries were MX$ 41 million (USD 2.1 million) in the quarter. Revenue for the quarter resulted mainly from the commercialization of the shows “La fiscal de hierro” in South America, “Pobre diabla” in Europe and Africa and “Las malcriadas” in Central America, as well as the sale of TV Azteca content to pay TV channels in the rest of the world.
In turn, revenue from TV Azteca Guatemala and TV Azteca Honduras was MX$ 52 (USD 2.7 million), while Azteca Comunicaciones Perú reported revenue of MX$ 95 million (USD 4.9 million).
The company registered net income of MX$ 438 million (USD 22.5 million), compared to a net loss of MX$ 308 million (USD 15.8 million) for the same quarter of 2017.