Turner developing gaming platform

Turner is developing a platform based on cloud gaming, which will have a subscription model. The new project  was announced during NexTV Series South America, the leading conference organized by Dataxis in Argentina.

The platform will allow access to high-end games, without the need for a console. In this sense, users will be able to play through the computer or the TV screen with a gamepad.

“We are very focused on gaming,” because “it’s an adjacent business that for us is going to be transformational,” said Roman Guasch, Sr. Director, Business Development at Turner, during the executive panel called “Millennials and changes in TV consumption”.

“We aim to develop a business where everything happens in the cloud, we are very enthusiastic, we believe it will be totally disruptive,” said the executive.


The new project is part of a new strategy focused on generating products and content for the “fans”. In this way, the goal is to link the core business, “which remains healthy and profitable”, with the search for new business.