Turkish TV ups its offering in the Middle East

Drama has always been the predominant genre in the Turkish market in the Middle East. The situation is about to take a new turn. Sera Film Services will be reversing the gear by boosting the programming with non-scripted TV shows.

The company, to recall, is an independent one in the Turkish television and broadcasting industry dealing with distribution, production and content creation. With this development, original reality shows and new game shows will now be available. According to Idil Belli, the general manager of Sera Film Services, there has been limited scope for other genre because of drama being popular in the region.

Commenting about the fact, Belli said: “Unscripted shows are not so popular in the region, although international formats such as The Voice, The Idol and so on are successful in the region, but it is difficult to find time slots for local reality shows. Reality TV is yet to find a footing in the regional market”.

Also, she added: “90% of TV shows in the region are scripted shows and only 10% of unscripted shows see the light of day on regional TV channels. As there are fewer time slots for unscripted shows, we make sure they are the best in order to compete with drama, which is the most popular genre. We constantly strive to create better and more interesting formats to fill the gap”.

The company, planning its linear and OTT content expansion outside the Turkish region, Belli said: “We are also closely following other opportunities to grow, such as our presence on digital platforms. We are exploring their monetising potential. Digital is the way forward, it is a very strong medium and is growing rapidly”.