Tuluntulu mobile VOD platform in Africa to reach 500000 users soon

The video-on-demand (VOD) platform, Tuluntulu, has been reported to have been downloaded more than 485000 times in 154 countries. Nearly reaching half of a million users, the app will now provide News videos from the global news agency, Reuters, on its tNews4U channel.

Commenting on the fact, Pierre van der Hoven, the founder of Tuluntulu, said: “Reuters is interesting in that it gives us quality international content, under our own brand tNews4U. The vision is to add local (African) news content to create a unique news offering”.

The platform is recognized internationally for the offering of African-focused content to a worldwide audience on its mobile content platform. Content is streamed in several languages including English, French, German, Hausa, Portuguese, Arabic and Kiswahili. Since its launch in the year 2014, Tuluntulu has acquired more than 16.3 million screen views with more than 3.3 million sessions.

Following this, Van der Hoven revealed: “Africa is a continent experiencing explosive growth in mobile penetration and usage, driven by the decreasing cost of smartphones, tablets and data. This has driven rapid increases in mobile video consumption.  Tuluntulu has become one of the largest providers of video or mobile content on the African continent, servicing this fast-growing market”.