Tuluntulu boosts its content with new channels line up

African Mobile VOD Platform, Tuluntulu is adding new streaming channel to its offer to attract more customer. The channel called 265 MAX TV will be available 24/7. The content will be a mix of South African original entertainment programs such as Talent shows, talk shows, and extreme sport.

265 Max TV is the first locally run and produced TV channel outside of the Vaal triangle, the major industry area of the country. This new channel comes as a revolution for the country since customers will be able to interact and get updates via Twitter which will be available directly in the app.

Pierre van der Hoven Tuluntulu’s founder and CEO declared: “Tuluntulu is delighted to partner with 265 Max, a new and exciting TV channel producing home-grown local urban content. They bring another quality 24/7 entertainment TV channel to our existing entertainment focused TV channels.,”

“265Max is delighted to partner with Tuluntulu as it increases the reach of our TV content. Our vision is to create relevant local content for the people of South Africa at the least cost to the end user and Tuluntulu mobile reach, combined with their low data technology makes this the perfect platform for improving the lives and education levels for the people of Africa,” declared a spoke person of channel 265  MAX TV. 

Tuluntulu is also going for a new market, Esports with its new partnership with Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) and launched a new 24/7 eSports dedicated TV channel on the app, the MSSA owns all Regional, Provincial and National Championships for many games.

Van der Hoven commented: “Esports is growing at a phenomenal rate globally and Tuluntulu is delighted to partner with MSSA, the official national federation representing the esports community is South Africa.  They bring another quality 24/7 esports TV channel to our existing TV channels.”

The app has been downloaded almost 500.000 times in more than 150 countries, it contains English, French, Hausa, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili and German dubbing. The company has been awarded with prizes such as the Unilever Foundry 50.