Top Star to launch set-top box with ZNBC in Zambia

The Chinese-owned TV company, Top Star Communication inked a Memorandum of understanding deal with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to begin the sale of Set-Top-Boxes for digital television across the country.

ZNBC has decided to get involve in the distribution of STB in Zambia to accelerate the digital migration of the country. The company also wants to keep the price low to be able to sell this hardware.

The Director General of ZNBC, Richard Mwanza reaffirmed the government wish to complete the digital migration process in the country. He also added that Zambian can now have access to the right decoders approved by ZICTA and the Zambia Bureau of standards at an affordable rate.

From Top Star perspective, CEO Leo Liao declared to be ready to team up with national broadcaster in order to achieve the digital migration process.

In related news, the government in Zambia has borrowed US$273 million from China for the second and third phases of the country’s digital migration project. Phase one of the project has already been implemented. To recall, Zambia missed the June 2015 deadline set by International Telecommunication Union(ITU) for the digital migration process.