Toolbox signs new deals with pay TV operators in Latin America

The technology solutions company Toolbox, oriented to the integration between the traditional TV service and the online world, registered a positive first quarter and signed agreements with several pay TV operators, expanding its presence in Latin America.

Toolbox said to NexTV News Latam that it has closed deals with Dish and Megacable in Mexico; Cable in Panama; Cabletica in Costa Rica; and Telecentro and Supercanal in Argentina.

The growth of the company involves not only its initial product, Cloud PASS. Today, its flagship product, UNITY, is reaching significant expansion throughout the region, as it is “an effective and secure solution to ensure the constant evolution of the industry, promising a near future with an increase in TV Everywhere offers that will be able to bring content in the best way and with easy access to subscribers”.

Cloud UNITY enables programmers and operators to unite in the same ecosystem to provide parity of experience and content to subscribers, merging traditional TV with online TV.