The Japanese earthquake pushed ISDB-T alert system in Chile El terremoto en Japón apuró el sistema de alerta ISDB-T en Chile

In April, the Chilean Subsecretary of Telecommunications will disclose the outcome of the international bid for the company that will implement the massive alert technological system utilized by Japan through ISDB-T, which takes up very short time to inform the population what to do in cases of earthquakes or tsunamis, and worked successfully in the last disaster that took place in the Nipponese country.

With the purpose of showing this system benefits, the Vice Minister of Domestic Affairs and Communications, Tetsuo Yamakawa, travelled to Chile where he participated in the 4th Digital TV ISDB-T International Forum that gathered the twelve countries that have turned to the Japanese standard.

The Japanese governmental authority, together with the Chilean Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Pedro Pablo Errázuriz, and the Subsecretary of Telecommunications, Jorge Atton, presented a Demo of the emergency technological model utilized by Japan to inform the population in the last earthquake and tsunami that affected the country.

The system will also be technically operational for cell phones by 2011 end. In a second stage, it will be utilized gradually in TV sets, as free-to-air Digital TV is deployed in the country.

The massive alter system operates when the central emergency organism sends a 100 character message through a radio broadcasting channel featured by its not being affected by telephone congestion, since it occupies an independent channel. Upon disaster, the emergency alert is transmitted simultaneously and directly to users wherever they might be in a georeferenced manner.

Durante este mes de abril, la Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) de Chile entregará el resultado de la licitación internacional de la empresa que implementará el sistema tecnológico de alerta masiva que utiliza Japón mediante ISDB-T, que informa en breve tiempo a la población cómo actuar en casos de terremotos y tsunamis, y que fue exitoso durante el último episodio que asoló al país nipón.

Justamente para mostrar las virtudes de este sistema, viajó a Chile su viceministro de Asuntos Internos y Comunicaciones, Tetsuo Yamakawa, a participar en el 4