The ADB approves funding for Trans-Saharan Fiber-optic Ridge between Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and Chad

The African Development Bank (ADB) has given its approval for funding the Trans-Saharan Fiber-optic Research project for the interconnection of Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Chad. The new has been announced by Boubacar Sidiki Traore, the representative of the ADB in Algeria.

In the first phase the Trans-Saharan Fiber-optic Ridge project, the four countries namely Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and Chad, are to be interconnected. The following phase will consist of the interconnection of Algeria, Mali and Niger.

The last-mentioned country has already acquired a funding of 43.9 million euros (46.7 million USD) from the ADB to accomplish their part of the ridge. The loan for this project consists of an amount of 31.4 million euros (33.4 million USD) and a grant of 12.5 million euros (13.3 million USD).

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