Televisa says it may not keep all divisions together in the future


Mexico’s Grupo Televisa said that in the future it may not keep all its divisions under the same umbrella, reported Reuters.

“In the future there may be a scenario where we do not have all units under the same umbrella, because it may not make sense or because it will generate more value for shareholders to do it in a different way,” the executives said on an analysts call.

The company’s new plan includes changes in the advertising sales area. “We are in the process of explaining the details of the new advertising plans. Of course, we are working with the agencies in the numbers to see how to reach the goals they have for specific products or full campaigns, “said the executives.

In the third quarter, the company’s net sales decreased 3.8%. This fall was mainly attributable to the drop of 8.4% in advertising sales, the company explained in its report.

De Angoitia said that the restructuring of the content area, which began this year, is still ongoing and there will be changes in the way the content is produced. The executives said that now both the content and advertising sales areas will report directly to them.