Telefónica launches video recommendation system in Latin America

Telefónica launched a video content recommendation solution in Latin America, designed by Telefónica I+D’s engineering team at the Walqa Technology Park, in Huesca, Spain, reported.
For this product, the company worked with recommendation algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. “When a user watches a movie, it gives us a lot of information about that consumption,” Pablo Antolín, Product Manager of the company’s global video platform, explained to El Economista. This way, the user profile is configured, which allows to send personalized recommendations. The idea is that with “the least number of clicks, the users can find what they want to watch or can plan to watch it later”.
The solution was recently launched in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay and Ecuador, for around one million customers. According to Antolín, the roll out in the region will be progressive.