Telecom to invest USD 5 billion in infrastructure


Telecom Argentina announced that it will invest USD 5 billion through 2020 to expand its infrastructure and respond to the growing demand for connectivity, the company said in a statement. In this context, it will deepen the transformation of video services in order to move towards a fully IP experience.
During this year, the company will invest USD 1.3 billion to “expand and improve the infrastructure of connectivity and communication services (fixed and mobile Internet, video and voice) to be able to provide multiplay services, within the framework of convergence”, which started with the opening of the market this year.
In the video segment, Telecom said it will deepen the transformation that began with “Play” platforms of Arnet and Personal, and consolidated a year ago with the launch of Cablevisión Flow. “The homes will be gradually converted to a fully IP video experience and customers can enjoy on any of their screens,” the company said in its statement.
In fixed broadband, the company will continue with the development of fiber optics “increasingly closer to homes, unifying the different access technologies to improve navigation speeds”.
In the mobile area, Telecom will continue with the expansion of the 4G network and investing in the 4.5G network, which is already active in 85% of the mobile network, in preparation for 5G, which allows for higher speed connectivity, necessary for the most innovative mobile applications, related to the Internet of Things. In 2018, an increase of 20% in the number of mobile sites throughout the country is planned.
In addition, the company plans to increase the reach of its systems platforms reconversion project in order to integrate the Telecom and Cablevisión operations into one. This project will allow the convergence of processes, commercial offers and customer service.