Telecom Argentina names Cablevisión’s Moltini as new CEO


Telecom Argentina has appointed Carlos Moltini, Cablevisión chief executive, as its new CEO. The appointment is part of the merger process that will unite both companies in order to become a convergent telecommunications provider and participate in the opening of the sector.

“It is a great challenge to assume the leadership in this new stage of Telecom Argentina, in which we intend to be the leading company in connectivity to make digital people’s life fuller and facilitate the digital operation of companies,” Moltini said in a press release.

As part of the merger process, which must still be approved by regulators, Telecom recently absorbed Personal and its controllers Sofora and Nortel, according to a statement sent to the stock exchange.

Digital newspaper Infobae reported that the merger is expected to be approved by the country’s regulators between the last week of December and the first one of January 2018.

In July this year Cablevisión and Telecom Argentina announced a plan to merge their corporate and operational structures in order to participate of the opening of the telecommunications market, which pursuant to the regulatory framework in force, is scheduled to begin as of January 2018.

Moltini said that “one of the main objectives of this management will be to boost investment in most modern infrastructure of mobile technologies and the deployment of a high-speed fiber optic network. We intend to generate competitive advantages by creating new products and opening new markets, hand in hand with technological convergence.”