Telecentro invested more than USD 400 million in two years

Argentine pay TV operator Telecentro announced that in the last two years it invested more than USD 400 million to “have the most modern fiber optic network in the country.” This allowed the company to offer 4K broadcasts of the soccer World Cup, as well as the new Telecentro Play app, which gives access to linear TV and VOD content on multiple devices.
Telecentro highlighted that, once again, Netflix named it “the fastest broadband provider in Argentina”, according to the OTT’s ISP Index ranking. For the last 50 months, the operator has outperformed its competitors in performance and during June, its network provided an average speed of 3.70 Mbps.
According the measurements taken by Netflix, Cablevisión-Fibertel ranked second with an average speed of 4.43 Mbps, TeleRed ranked third with 2.84 Mbps, Claro ranked fourth with 2.80 Mbps and Speedy (Movistar) was in fifth place with 2.59 Mbps.
In 2017, Telecentro introduced high-speed Internet services of 1,000 Megabytes. The company also offers its Smart deco with direct access to Netflix, YouTube and the new Telecentro Play app. Last June, the operator launched a 4K set-top box to access all the games of the World Cup through DirecTV Sports.
Telecentro was founded 27 years ago and is owned by Grupo Pierri. It is currently the third operator in Argentina in terms of subscribers, right behind Cablevisión and DirecTV.