Tbo Touch launches VOD offer THD24 in South Africa

Tbo Touch (real name Thabo Molefe) has launched a new video on demand offering, in South Africa. THD24 will focus mainly on South-African content and will create more job within the area.

“A lot of VODs in the country have international movies and series, but where is job creation in all of that? We’re going to brag about our catalogue, but you have products that we saw on Ster-Kinekor and Box Office. So, I’m taking humble steps to say ‘all graduates from film schools, come into THD24. We’re going to create sitcoms, series, vodcasts’,” explained Tbo Touch.

The idea came when Tbo Touch was filming a movie called Blessers and he noticed how 120 people had been hired around the project (caterers, gaffers, hair and make-up, wardrobe etc.).

“It’s all because of what I learned at Touch HD. Radio online is an expensive exercise when there’s free radio out there. But if you add an unique proposition, give high quality, cutting edge video, make it something different, then you have a different offering than what traditional is doing. So THD24 is the evolution of Touch HD,” he adds.

“One of the shows is me interviewing people on the Gautrain. We’re coming to listeners with THD24. We’re not having another star, who you’ve heard the interview with on different radio platforms, you are the star, the audience is king today, because they are spoilt for choice,” Touch reveals.

“In South Africa we are beginning to appreciate our local content. That’s why Afrikaans movies outsell most movies on cinema. We’re not excited about Black Panther, as we’re excited about our own. We’re not going to lose our mind over content we don’t see ourselves in. It’s important for us to appreciate ourselves to such an extent that we’re even prepared to pay to go and see local content. Local used to come secondary, but now it is king.”