TBC in Tanzania to review contract between Star Times International and the public broadcaster

The new Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) Board of Directors has been directed to review a contract entered between the public broadcaster and Star Times International Communication of China to jointly run Star Media Tanzania Ltd. The directive was issued by the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Nape Nnauye, when launching the new Board of Directors.

“It is important for you to review the contract and see if there are sections to be improved or even omitted for the better future of the corporation,” he said.

Nnauye said he believed after one month the review process will be over. He added that the contract will allow the review process after a certain period of time.

To recall, Last year TBC was directed by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to look into
ways for the broadcasting house to receive payments from the Star Times investor, who has been using
the corporation’s broadcasting infrastructure free of charge.

According to the reports, TBC was supposed to focus on its core responsibility of broadcasting countrywide and receive funds from sources such as Star Times, who was using the infrastructure and selling decoders without paying a cent to TBC.

Expounding further he said the elected members should help improve efficiency and productivity of TBC in terms of its broadcasting and technology, as they are the people with different good backgrounds thus they will push for the improvement of the corporation’s performance. He also said the new board should review scheme of service and make it transparent for all the workers to know their position.