Tata Sky launches Everywhere TV

India’s DTH provider, Tata Sky has launched the latest innovation as part of its Tata Sky Mobile called Everywhere TV. The innovation that has been launched through a dedicated advertising campaign will allow subscribers to access television content through their mobile phones.

Vikram Mehra, chief commercial officer, Tata Sky, said, “Our research has shown that lifestyles are getting busier in today’s day and age. Today over 60 per cent of the (Tata Sky) subscriber base use internet to view videos on their smart phones and tablets either at home or at office. ‘Everywhere TV’ is a unique service for all those valued subscribers who want to keep in touch with their favourite shows and channels that they have subscribed on Tata Sky even when they are on move, through their mobile handsets.”

Apart from accessing content, subscribers can also record content through their mobile devices to peruse the material at a later time. They can also download video content from the library that currently features over 2,000 videos. Tata Sky currently has 11.5 million subscribers to its name.