Tata Sky details Everywhere TV usage patterns

Indian DTH provider, Tata Sky, has revealed usage trends for its Everywhere TV app which shows 33% of subscribers are based in north India, 32%, in the western region of the country and 28% in the south.

Delhi accounts for just 13% share of north Indian usage, indicating wider take-up outside the capital city, while the state of Maharashtra accounts for 23% of western usage, with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the south accounting for 10% and 9% respectively.

Colours, the leading Hindi GEC channel, leads usage with 35% share of viewers, foolowed by Star Plus with 34%, and the Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak, with 24%. Tata sky said 64% of total usage happens during the evening hours, mostly when people are returning home from work, and that 60% of the user base actively uses Everywhere TV on 3G connections.