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Roya TV launches VOD and streaming service

Roya TV, the Jordanian public channel has introduced a video-on-demand and a live streaming service by using VSNs service, VSNWEBTV. The service allows for multiplatform content creation and delivery. With this new service, Roya TV will be able to expand its broadcast coverage and will thus elevates its number of viewers. Live content from Roya [...]

Roya TV opts VSN for VOD and streaming optimisation

Roya TV, the private Jordanian TV station, has opted VSNSPIDER platform for its News & Live Production solution VSNNEWS as work tool. This decision has followed the previous teaming between the two companies, with Roya TV choosing VSNs services such as MCR and ingest. The VSNNEWS includes 2 video servers with VSNCG + for on [...]

Angolan TV Zimbo migrates to HD

Medianova group-owned Angolan channel, TV Zimbo, has migrated to high definition (HD) with the help of Spanish technology company, VSN, and British systems integrator, VSC. VSNs turnkey solution includes the upgrade of MCR baseband equipment to HD. The VSNNEWS solution covers the complete newsroom and studio production. The media asset management and archive is based [...]

Teletica de Costa Rica migra a HD el playlist para comercialesCosta Rica's Teletica to migrate the advertising playlist to HD

La cadena Teletica de Costa Rica adquirió tres servidores a VSN Multicom para migrar a la alta definición la gestión del playlist que se utiliza para emitir los comerciales en sus señales. Esto forma parte de un plan de modernización tecnológica que incluye también las plataformas de emisión, tráfico, infraestructura de procesamiento, noticias y archivo. [...]