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The businessman Luksic becomes the owner of 100% of Canal 13 of Chile by buying the part that was missing

Chilean businessman Andrónico Luksic bought 33% of Canal 13 of Chile from Universidad Católica, thus becoming the only owner of the FTA TV station. Luksic had acquired the remaining 67% in 2010 by paying USD 55 million, while now he had to pay USD 10 million. According to the General Manager of TV Medios (Luksic [...]

Online Brazilian channel TUB to host university TVs production

Em uma parceria entre a Associação Brasileira da Televisão Universitária (ABTU), o Programa de Televisión Educativa y Cultural Ibero-americana (TEIb) e a Asociación de Televisiones Educativas y Culturales Iberoamericanas (ATEI) deu origem ao novo Canal online, chamado de Canal TUB.   O TUB online que hospedará conteúdos da Rede de Intercâmbio de Televisão Universitária (RITU), [...]