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The Uganda Communications Commission prioritise local content in Uganda

Strict guidelines have been issued by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to all the broadcasters comprising of both radio and television. Local content from Uganda should now be a priority. Prime time programming should consist of 70% Ugandan content alongside the other quotas for distinguished programmes. To recall, the move was introduced earlier, in 2013, [...]

Broadcasters in Uganda meet to discuss 2% UCC levy on revenue

The national association of broadcasters (NAB) has this morning met to discuss the implementation of the 2% levy on broadcaster gross revenue by the regulator, Uganda communications commission (UCC). The chairman NAB, Kin Kariisa argues that they received notice to submit their audited financial statements for the last three financial years in order for the [...]

The regulator in Uganda to switch off analogue signal by April

The communications industry regulator will switch of analogue by end of April following the gradual migration and installation of digital equipment across the country. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) sais that gradually, the concept of digital migration has been embraced by both operators and users. An assessment of its stability is going to be done soon, [...]

Uganda to start digital migration in October

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) plans to launch the digital television migration project in October 2014 with the project to be first rolled out in Greater Kampala while the rest of the country will be switched to digital broadcasting by December. All the digital equipment has been procured and the country is ready for the [...]

Uganda fails to generate 70% local content

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) published a local content quota monitoring report earlier this week to point out that none of the televisions operating in Uganda has hit its target of 70% locally-made programmes. According to the report, which monitored Uganda’s prime time TV content between January and March 2014, Nile Broadcasting Services (NBS TV) had [...]


Uganda-based pay-TV operator, MOTV Africa Ltd, has sued Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for breach of contract in the digital migration process and demanded UGX 14 billion (USD 5.7 million) in compensation. The company claims to have invested in digital broadcasting services after adopting the DVB-T standard, but says the Government then adopted DVB-T2 technology without [...]

Uganda to introduce new licencing regime for pay-TV providers

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is working on a new licensing regime for pay-TV service providers to provide local channels for free after many people unknowingly bought pay-per-view TV decoders mistaking them for free-to-air decoders. The current licences of providers such as StarTimes, Zuku, and GOtv, allow them to charge for every channel offered. In the [...]

Uganda completes first phase of digital migration ahead of deadline

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has announced that the first phase of digital migration in the central region of Uganda has been completed and it is only awaiting the arrival of STBs to switch on digital TV services by December 31 this year. The country’s main broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), will roll out its [...]