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TiVUS announces Asia´s first contract with NLL for IPTV

TiVUS, a US based IPTV technology provider for hospitality segment , has announced its contract in India with hotel proprietor Neesa Leisure´s (NLL), functioning as CAMBAY hotels and resort. TiVUS won this deal through their India JV , TiVUS Smartv India(TSIL). IPTV technology installation in the 10 hotels covered under this contract will commence within [...]

IPTV technology provider TiVUS commences Asia operations

TiVUS, IPTV technology provider for hospitality segment announced the commencement of their Asia operations from New Delhi,India. As a part of this move, TiVUS has secured content licenses from regional players. TiVUS further plans to strengthen its employee base in this region and is soon expected to reveal their customers in Asia. This multi-lingual market [...]