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AT&T antitrust trial begins in the US

The trial between AT&T and the federal government begins on Monday, March 19, and will decide if AT&Ts USD 85 billion acquisition of Time Warner is legal under US antitrust law. Judge Richard Leon, who will oversee the case, said that the process could last from six to eight weeks. The US Justice Department filed [...]

AT&T, Time Warner extend deadline for merger until April

AT&T and Time Warner have extended until April 22 the deadline for their merger, following the Justice Department’s decision to file a lawsuit to block it. This is the second time AT&T has extended the deadline, which was originally set for Oct. 22. The company announced the decision in a document filed with the Securities [...]

AT&T extiende plazo para concretar fusión con Time Warner

AT&T y Time Warner han decidido extender hasta el 22 de abril de 2018 el plazo límite para concretar su fusión, luego de que el Departamento de Justicia interpusiera una demanda para bloquear la operación. Se trata de la segunda vez que AT&T extiende el deadline original, que inicialmente estaba marcado para el 22 de octubre. [...]

AT&T ready to defend in court its deal with Time Warner

AT&T wants to go to court as soon as possible to defend its deal with Time Warner, following the Justice Department’s suit to block the merger with the media company. AT&T attorney Dan Petrocelli said in an interview with CNBC that “there is no credible evidence” that AT&T’s USD 85.4 billion deal poses any threat [...]

AT&T, lista para defender su acuerdo con Time Warner

AT&T quiere ir a los tribunales lo antes posible para defender su acuerdo con Time Warner, luego de que el Departamento de Justicia presentara una demanda para bloquear la fusión. El abogado de AT&T, Dan Petrocelli, dijo en una entrevista con CNBC que no hay evidencia creíble de que el acuerdo entre ambas compañías, por [...]

Governo dos Estados Unidos tenta impedir fusão AT&T-Time Warner

O Departamento de Justiça dos Estados Unidos (EUA) apresentou ação para bloquear a compra da Time Warner pela AT&T. Segundo o órgão, o contrato viola leis antitruste e a AT&T poderia usar o controle sobre a programação popular da Time Warner para causar danos à concorrência. O Departamento de Justiça disse ainda que o acordo, [...]

U.S Justice Department sues to block AT&T-Time Warner deal

The U.S Justice Department has filed a lawsuit to block AT&T’s takeover of Time Warner. In a statement, the entity said that the combination of these companies would harm consumers and competition. AT&T/DirecTVs combination with Time Warner is unlawful, and absent an adequate remedy that would fully prevent the harms this merger would cause, the [...]

Departamento de Justicia de EE.UU bloquea la fusión AT&T – Time Warner

El Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos presentó una demanda para bloquear la fusión entre AT&T y Time Warner. A través de un comunicado, el organismo indicó que la operación podría “disminuir sustancialmente la competencia”. “La combinación de AT&T y DirecTV con Time Warner es ilegal, y ante la falta de un remedio adecuado que [...]

U.S. Justice Department considering lawsuit to block AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner

The U.S. Department of Justice may block the merger between AT&T and Time Warner if the government and companies can´t agree on a settlement, the Wall Street Journal reported citing people familiar with the matter. Currently, the agency and the companies are discussing the conditions they need to meet in order to win government approval. [...]