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Brazil’s Algar Telecom of Brazil lost pay TV subs for the third consecutive period

Brazilian operator Algar Telecom reported in its third quarter of 2018 a further drop in its direct-to-consumer segment of pay TV. It lost 5 thousand revenue generating units (RGU), closing the period with a total of 82 thousand. In this way, the Cable and Satellite TV operator recorded its third consecutive quarterly loss, since in [...]

Mexico Megacable TV subscriber base continues to grow and reaches 3.1 million

Mexican telecom operator Megacable finished the first quarter of 2018 with a growing number of subscribers in its TV segment, registering 3.1 million users (61 thousand net additions). This represents a 2% increase, compared to the previous period. This is the fourth consecutive quarter that the company ends with a growth in TV subscribers, after [...]

Argentina’s Cablevisión reached 1.91 million digital subscribers at the end of the second quarter

Argentine cable TV operator Cablevisión ended the second quarter of 2017 with 1.91 million digital users, according to the company when it published its balance sheet. This means a growth of 26.35% in relation to June 2016. In Uruguay, the situation is different, since Cablevisión has a 100% digital operation. So the growth is lower, [...]

Brazil reaches six months of continuous Pay-TV subscriber drop

  Pay-TV in Brazil seems not to be able to recover and reaches six-month of continuous Pay-TV subscriber drop, according to figures from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) of that country. Brazil went from 19.05 million subscribers in December 2015 to 18.99 million in January 2016, to reach a penetration of 28% of households.   America Movil [...]