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Spotify rolls out premium promo package in South Africa

Spotify is offering a new premium subscription in South Africa. The new promo package is R5.99 ($0.42).  The pricing is available for three months, after which the subscription price will be R59.99, or $4.27 USD per month. Spotify also offers a free version, which includes ads, limited song skips, and no offline listening. The promo is only [...]

Spotify is now accessible in MENA

Spotify, the paid music streaming service has officially rolled out in the Middle East and North Africa. The company declared services would now be accessible in 13 Arab markets, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Morocco but not Libya, Iraq, Syria, or Yemen. For several years, Spotify has been accessible in the [...]

México: sector digital se opone a impuesto a Netflix y otras plataformas

Miembros de la industria digital de México manifestaron su rechazo al proyecto que busca aplicar un impuesto de 3% a servicios digitales como Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Mercado Libre y Spotify, entre otras. Esto porque el Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) propuso en la Cámara de Diputados una iniciativa con proyecto de decreto para expandir [...]

Spotify launch Afro Hub to promote African music

Spotify, the world leader in music streaming, announced the launch of Afro Hub, a section dedicated to music from the African continent. This action was implemented as part of Global Cultures, a Spotify initiative to promote music from traditionally neglected cultural backgrounds. In a communication, Spotify announced, “Afro Hub celebrates and honors African culture and [...]

Paraguay se prepara para cobrar impuestos a las plataformas digitales

La Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación (SET) de Paraguay trabaja en una regulación para comenzar a cobrar impuestos a plataformas digitales extranjeras, entre ellas Netflix y Spotify. La iniciativa surge luego de que se promulgara la ley De Fomento al Audiovisual, más conocida como Ley de Cine, que establece que el presupuesto para financiar proyectos [...]

Paraguay prepares to tax digital platforms

The State Undersecretariat of Taxation of Paraguay (SET in Spanish) is working on a regulation to begin charging tax on foreign digital platforms, including Netflix and Spotify. The initiative comes after the law for the Audiovisual Promotion was enacted, which establishes that the budget to finance movie projects will come from “taxes on commercial operations [...]

Digital services start paying VAT in Argentina

The Argentine government officially announced, through decree 354/2018, the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in digital services such as Netflix and Spotify, among others. The new regulation becomes effective on Wednesday, April 25. According to the decree, the tax will be paid by consumers, either directly or through intermediaries. The rule establishes that if [...]

Servicios digitales comienzan a pagar IVA en Argentina

El gobierno argentino reglamentó, a través del decreto 354/2018, la aplicación del Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA) a servicios digitales como Netflix y Spotify, entre otros. La medida entra en vigencia a partir de este miércoles 25 de abril. De acuerdo con el decreto, el pago del impuesto estará a cargo del consumidor, ya sea [...]

Hulu and Spotify launch new bundle for USD 12.99

Hulu and Spotify have announced the launch of a new bundle that brings the two popular services together for a USD 12.99 monthly subscription. It will be available this summer (in the northern hemisphere). Meanwhile, Hulu started offering Spotify Premium users the option to trial the bundle for a 99-cent promotional price for three months. [...]