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Gogos 2Ku equipped aircraft first to utilize SES-15 HTS capacity

Gogo, the global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation, announced that it has more than 200 aircraft equipped with its 2Ku inflight connectivity technology which are now utilizing the increased capacity delivered by SES-15. SES-15 entered service in January 2018 and is the companys first hybrid satellite providing Ku-band wide beams and [...]

Gogo comienza a utilizar capacidad del SES-15 en aeronaves con tecnología 2Ku

Gogo, el proveedor de productos y servicios de conectividad a bordo, anunció que tiene más de 200 aviones equipados con su tecnología 2Ku, que ahora utilizan la capacidad provista por el SES-15. El nuevo satélite entró en servicio en enero de 2018 y es el primero de SES con haces tradicionales y una capacidad de [...]

SES willing to explore Intelsats C-band plan

Satellite operator SES is willing to explore Intelsat and Intels plan to open the C-band (3700-4200 MHz) to 5G wireless networks. In a statement send to SpaceNews, SES spokesperson Markus Payer said SES is open to exploring any approach to a joint use of C-band only if it meets two essential criteria: it must create appropriate [...]

Intelsat, Intel propose 5G use of C-band spectrum

Satellite operator Intelsat and technology company Intel have teamed up to submit a proposal to the FCC that allows the use of C-band spectrum (3700-4200 MHz) for 5G mobile technology. According to a SpaceNews report, the proposal would allow satellite operators to collaborate with terrestrial networks on ways to clear swaths of C-band  based on [...]

Intelsat desata polémica con propuesta para resolver espectro para 5G en banda C

El operador satelital Intelsat y la empresa de tecnología Intel se asociaron para presentar una propuesta ante la FCC que permite el uso del espectro en banda C (3700-4200 MHz) para la tecnología móvil 5G. La propuesta permitiría a operadores satelitales colaborar con las redes terrestres en la búsqueda de nuevas formas para liberar franjas [...]

Olympusat moves channels to SES satellite

Olympusat, one of the largest independent media companies specializing in the ownership, distribution, production and technical services of Spanish and English-language networks, announced the process of moving its network program services to satellite SES-1 (located at 101° West) on November 30, 2017. At the moment Olympusat transmits 35 HD and SD Television networks over transponders 19 [...]

Canales de Olympusat pasan a satélite de SES

La compañía de medios Olympusat anunció el proceso de traslado de sus servicios de programación de canales al satélite SES-1 (localizado en 101º Oeste) el próximo 30 de noviembre. Actualmente Olympusat transmite 35 cadenas de televisión HD y SD en los transpondedores 19 y 20 del satélite Intelsat Galaxy 23 (121º Oeste). No obstante, Intelsat [...]

Turkish Channel Natural TV to reach West Africa

Natural TV is a Turkish channel focused on health, agriculture, music and cultural content is expanding to the West African Region. Following the new agreement, the channel struck with SES, to use the latters Astra 2G satellite capacity as well as uplink services from its teleport in Luxembourg. With a potential audience of five million [...]

MultTV começa a operar em setembro

Ozmir Petrini, diretor da MultTV, disse que a companhia já tem 300 ISPs interessados em seu novo serviço, que inicia operações em setembro, segundo informa Teletime.  A empresa brasileira vai oferecer conteúdo de vídeo para permitir que ISPs de pequeno porte ofereçam TV por assinatura aos seus clientes. MultTV vai usar a capacidade de banda [...]