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Ethiopian Broadcasters Association migrate to SES satellites

SES has recently signed two agreements with Association of Ethiopian Broadcasters (AEB) and the Ethiopian Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC) that aims to result in the creation of a dedicated Ethiopian TV environment. The migration agreement with AEB will create a dedicated TV neighbourhood for Ethiopians on SESs East Africa Digital TV platform on NSS-12 at 57 [...]

Canais brasileiros são entregues pela nova solução satelital de SES

Os telespectadores brasileiros já têm a possibilidade de receber vários canais no país por meio da nova solução gratuita da banda Ku da SES no satélite SES-10, localizado a 67 gradus Oeste. Para garantir aos clientes o fácil acesso aos canais, os emissores podem enviar seu conteúdo para o teleporto da SES, localizado no município [...]

Canales de Brasil se entregan a través de nueva solución satelital de SES

Los televidentes brasileños ya cuentan con la posibilidad de recibir varios canales del país a través de la nueva solución gratuita de banda Ku de SES en el satélite SES-10, ubicado a 67 grados Oeste.  Para garantizar a los clientes un fácil acceso a lo canales, los emisores pueden enviar su contenido al telepuerto de [...]

Brazilian channels are delivered through new SES satellite solution

Brazilian TV watchers already have the possibility to receive several channels in the country through the new free Ku-band solution from SES on the SES-10 satellite, located at 67 degrees West. To make it possible for customers to have an easy access to the channels, broadcasters can send their content to the SES teleport, located [...]

SES y Sersat despliegan plataforma de entrega de contenidos en Latinoamérica

La compañía satelital SES anunció la creación de una nueva plataforma desarrollada en el satélite SES-14 en asociación con Sarsat (Grupo Datco), líder en el sector de telecomunicaciones en Argentina, que desplegará mayores facilidades para la entrega de contenidos de video a operadores de TV paga, programadores y broadcasters en América Latina. Con la nueva [...]

SES and Sersat deploy content delivery platform in Latin America

The satellite company SES announced the creation of a new platform developed on the SES-14 satellite in partnership with Sarsat (Datco Group), a leader in the telecommunications sector in Argentina, which will deploy more facilities for the delivery of video content to pay TV operators, programmers and broadcasters in Latin America. With the new platform, [...]

SES contributes to Ivory Coast’s digital migration

Ivory Coasts public broadcasting company, the Société Ivoirienne de Télédiffusion has chosen SES as its digital collaborator in a move to meet Ivory Coasts 2020 aim to switch over from analogue to digital broadcasting. Under this multi-year agreement, 60 analogue turned digital channels will be broadcast with brighter, sharper picture and better sound, via the SES-4 satellite at [...]

AfricaXP launched new bouquet PREMIUM.FREE channels in Nigeria

PREMIUM.FREE launched a new bouquet of 13 channels supplied by AfricaXP and delivered using SES satellites at 28.2 degrees East. AfricaXP is a leading independent African network which is well-know for a wide range of Nollywood partnerships with West African producers.  CEO of AfricaXP, Craig Kelly, says that working with SES has enabled PREMIUM.FREE to [...]

Discover Dataxis’ latest TV and Telco insights at Nextv CEO Africa from 14th to 16th May

 According to Dataxis latest research, 102 million households in the sub-Saharan region have access to television among the 225 million households constituting the region for the year 2018. Even though, the penetration is progressing, reaching 42% in 2018 compared to 40% in 2017, television has not yet fully penetrated into sub-Saharan African homes. Households receiving [...]

SES signed 16 new FTA channels in Benin

The Republic of Benin and SES signed a new agreement, which will be providing 16 new FTA channels to viewers. Part of the deal, a number of HD channels will be aired in Benin, which will a first in HD channels, available over Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) across Africa. According to Darius Quenum, Chairman of [...]