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Gonzalo Hita: ‘Flow is becoming an entertainment platform’

Gonzalo Hita, Telecoms COO, took part in the Nextv Series Argentina event, leading TV and OTT conference developed by Dataxis, and expressed himself on several issues such as the recent  Netflix integration to Cablevision Flow, the advance towards 5G, how cord cutting affects todays pay TV market and todays subscription TV situation. First, Hita spoke [...]

Telefonica reaches 20 thousand quadruple play subscribers in Peru

Movistar Total, offer that puts together mobile and fixed telephony services, internet and TV services for all its clients, reached 20 thousand subscribers in Peru two months after it was launched. Movistars convergent experience is available for residential customers with any offer from the company in their homes. We are revolutionizing the market and telecommunications [...]

Oi lança nova marca, com serviço de “quadruple play” incluindo TV por assinatura, banda larga e telefonias fixa e móvel

A Oi lança em 30 de março, em todo o Brasil, o seu pacote quadruple play com novos pacotes, promoções na TV paga, além da mudança da marca. Com um novo posicionamento, com os novos planos chamados de Oi Total; integra móvel, banda larga, TV por assinatura e telefone fixo. A operadora leva o bundle [...]