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Nagra brings OpenTV Signature, its new UX, to Latam

Nagras new cloud-based platform for pay TV operators replaces the traditional OpenTV middleware and integrates linear and non-linear content into both the EPG and the mosaic vision. Powered with analytics, it always suggests the next thing to watch, it can be navigated by voice and it is pre-integrated on 4K-ready STBs by SmartDTV. According to Dataxis, [...]

Nagra trae OpenTV Signature, su nueva UX, a Latam

La nueva plataforma basada en la nube para TV paga reemplaza al middleware tradicional de OpenTV e integra tanto en la EPG como en la visión de mosaico los contenidos lineares y no lineares.  Potenciada con analytics, siempre sugiere lo próximo a ver, se puede navegar por voz y está pre-integrado en STB SmartDTV 4K.  [...]